Bene-Chex and Exemplary Client Service

Bene-Chex knows that while every company has unique payroll needs and challenges, one thing is the same for all organizations – you need a trusted payroll solution. Bene-Chex is a trusted payroll partner for our clients.

You will be assigned a payroll specialist dedicated to servicing and processing your company’s payroll. Our experienced payroll professionals will know you and your payroll and keep you informed of any “Red Flags”. Your payroll specialist will be available to give you the help you need, when you need it.

We specialize in payroll processing and our solutions include:

  • Tax payment & filing
  • State new hire reporting
  • General ledger reports
  • Extensive report library
  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation support
  • Direct deposits
  • Easy to use queries
  • W-2 reporting
  • Non-employee compensation 1099s
  • 401(k) match calculations
  • Garnishment payments
  • Workers’ compensation audit reports
  • Labor allocation
  • Departmentalized payroll
  • Date activated deductions

Whether you have outgrown your internal payroll solutions or you are facing challenges with your current payroll provider or technology solution, we are here to help. We provide flexible, reliable, outstanding customer service and innovative technology so that you don’t need to worry about payroll and can spend time focused on your business.