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Full Service Solutions

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Retirement and investment consultants are here to help
you from concept through implementation. We will make
a customized retirement plan that works for you!


Retirement Plan Services

For employers and employees alike, retirement planning is both confusing and critically important. With over 40 years of retirement planning experience, the retirement and investment consultants of BeneTrak are here to help you from concept through implementation. Along with our record-keeping abilities and professional support, we can make a customized retirement plan that works for you.

Company retirement plans are not only a great tool for assisting employees reach their retirement goals, but they also serve as a valuable benefit which attracts and retains employees. We help you select quality benefit programs, drawing on the latest technology and nationally recognized mutual funds. In addition, we help you quantify costs and risks within your plan offerings, and provide multi-year projections along with comprehensive advice. The result: A retirement program that matches your goals and objectives.


Retirement Consulting

The BeneTrak team can work with you to determine appropriate retirement design based on your company’s current goals.
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Administration & Recordkeeping

We can remove the burdens of administration and recordkeeping to ensure you can focus on the growth of your business.
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Compliance Testing

If you wonder how best to prepare for the Compliance Testing Season, you are not alone. The good news is that BeneTrak, Inc. is here to help!
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Education & Communication

When it comes to preparing employees for retirement, one size does not fit all. We customize education strategies to match your goals!
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Fiduciary Services & Investments

Drawing on the latest technology of nationally recognized mutual funds, we offer the very best investment menus along with fiduciary protection.
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