Affordable Care Act Compliance Solutions for Consultants, Brokers and Trusted Advisers

A History of Service to Consultants, Brokers and Trusted Advisers

Are you a Consultant, Broker or Trusted Adviser looking for Affordable Care Act compliance solutions for your client? Affordable Care Act Compliance & Services, Inc. is here to support you and your client relationship.

We are especially suited to work with clients whose health and welfare needs are serviced by Consultants, Brokers, and Trusted Advisers and we understand the personal and economic relationships that you have with your clients. Our company was founded and built on the referrals we have received throughout our 40+ year history. We listen and protect you in your relationships with your clients, while providing Affordable Care Act Compliance Solutions.

We Support You By:

  • Assigning a Concierge to answer your questions regarding the progress on your client
  • Tracking your “special handling” contact requests in our customer relationship management system
  • Limiting our activity with your client to the service for which you have referred

In the event our services are terminated by the client, our Relationship Agreement will protect you. We will not provide assistance to a competing Consultant, Broker or Trusted Adviser for at least 2 years.

Our Relationship Agreement

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