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High Quality Service & Seamless Opportunities

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We specialize in employee benefits and our clients have come to expect
quality results. An experience second to none, we can help you create
an attractive and cost effective benefits package.

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Get a Handle on the Affordable Care Act

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Watch our “topic of the week” as it relates to the
Affordable Care Act. Learn minute by minute!

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Compliance Is Key

Our webinars aim to help self-funded employers provide
benefits more effectively. We offer a complete scheduled list
with additional webinars added throughout the year.

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Affordable Care Act Solutions

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Tune in to Jeff Schultz and Justin Andaloro every
quarter for podcasts depicting how the Affordable
Care Act affects you. Join them on 620 WTMJ.

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How can we help you today?

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Sometimes guidance is just plain confusing. We are happy to help answer
any questions you may have regarding employee benefits or the
Affordable Care Act.

BeneCo of Wisconsin

An Employee Benefits Experience

Specializing in employee benefits, our clients’ experience is second to none. See how we can help you with an effective benefits package!
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Client Resource Library

Visit our client resource library to answer your questions, read case studies and find additional information on the Affordable Care Act.
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Strategy Minutes

Our Strategy Minutes help you learn minute by minute in relation to the Affordable Care Act and its regulations. Check out our topic of the week!
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WTMJ Radio Show

We are pleased to host an engaging radio series on AM 620 WTMJ to continue educating listeners on the Affordable Care Act.
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Affordable Care Act Webinars

Our Affordable Care Act Webinars are aimed at helping employers provide benefits more effectively and providing ACA guidance.
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Contact Us

If you have questions about our benefits services or the Affordable Care Act, contact one of our experienced professionals today!
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Bottom Line Driven | Health Benefits Planning

BeneCo of Wisconsin, a member of The Benefit Companies Inc., has been dedicated to providing high quality employee benefit solutions for over 35 years. We can help you create an attractive and cost-effective benefits package, while keeping long-term solutions in mind.

As a company, we serve more clients of a wider variety in Wisconsin than any other firm in the industry. Our expertise includes areas such as employee benefits for applicable large employers, Affordable Care Act eligibility and compliance, and benefits education and consultation. We strive to provide excellent service and an experience that you won’t find anywhere else. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today.