Time & Attendance

Customization is Key

Time & attendance systems are vital when it comes to your bottom dollar. Because we take time to learn the many different aspects of your business, we are able to create a customized plan that is specific to your needs and budget. Our automated software will capture your employees’ work hours, reduce costly errors, and save you money. We offer over 300 payroll bridges to make the process seamless, and you can choose the way your employees punch – from cell phones to time clocks.

An expert member of the selectONtime team is ready to partner with you to simplify the selection process of a time and attendance system. We will walk you through how to shop, compare, and select the perfect system that will meet your company’s needs. A glimpse of the products we offer can be found below.


  • SelectONtime Corporate Edition/Business Edition
    For state-of-the-art technology, leading-edge interfaces, and world-class support, selectONtime Corporate Edition, Software as a Service, (SaaS) is the Elite Workforce Management solution. With its web-based interfaces, the selectONtime Corporate Edition hosted solution is the perfect choice for any size company.


    Less IT Management: Dramatically Reduces Up-Front Costs and Ongoing Management

    • Get excellent reliability and performance
    • Deployment is minimal and fast
    • No additional hardware required
    • Avoid building and maintaining a redundant network and hardware infrastructure necessary to operate an on-premise software application
    • Avoid ongoing management of service, upgrades, backups, and support which include hardware and infrastructure

    Subscription Based: A Pricing Model That Makes Sense

    • Saves money. No need to pay for excess capacity! Lower total cost of ownership and quicker time-to-value
    • Supports pilot rollout. The scalability of SaaS enables you to test its functionality, reliability, and performance in limited deployments, and to expand your enterprise-level adoption incrementally
    • Enjoy Enterprise. Class reliability and performance without buying a perpetual license, hardware, and ongoing IT maintenance

    Always Up to Date

    • Never worry about out-dated software. Benefit from free and automatic software upgrades to ensure that your subscribed service has the latest features
    • Enjoy all the latest productivity benefits
    • Software Peace of Mind!

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  • SelectONtime PPACA Module *NEW
    SelectONtime Corporate/Business Edition Web Solution has been enhanced with a PPACA module that provides robust features to help our customers comply with provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

    The PPACA defines a “large employer” as one that employs an average of 50 full-time (FT) or full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. SelectONtime Corporate Edition effectively enables customers to monitor FT/FTE details and avoid PPACA penalties.

    SelectONtime Corporate Edition has adopted the recommendations of the safe harbor method for calculating full-time equivalency to help customers determine:

    • Whether or not they employ 50 or more FT/FTE employees
    • Which employees constitute full-time status
    • When the full-time employees are entitled to healthcare coverage.

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  • Data Collection Options

    NT7000 Push Technology Smart Clock Fingerprint and Proximity Models

    As labor laws and regulations continue to evolve, timekeeping tools should advance accordingly. To facilitate the growing need for heightened security and increased accuracy, the NT7000 collects important workforce data with unmatched precision, while also utilizing secure mechanisms and processes that protect employers from lawsuits, claims, and arbitrations.

    The NT7000 is also a time clock with modern appeal, designed for today’s cloud computing environment. With a vibrant color touchscreen display, a large numeric keypad, and multi-lingual capability, the NT7000 delivers a dynamic and user-friendly interface.

    Additionally, by applying the latest technology to the NT7000, selectONtime has provided a dependable and intuitive platform that is suitable for all types of workforces and workplace environments. The device may be equipped with a biometric, proximity, or HID reader, ensuring the most suitable validation method for any environment.

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    NT450 Push Technology Smart Clock

    Utilizing the latest technology, the NT450 provides a reliable and easy-to-use platform for all types of workforce and workplace environments. The vibrant Thin Film Technology (TFT) color display and large keypad deliver a simple interface to facilitate many Time and Attendance features, as well as many self-service options for your workforce. Proximity, HID, and biometric options ensure an input method that will best suit your environment, and included within the NT450 clock are access control relays that can be used with existing 3rd party controls (i.e. bells, door locks, etc.).

    The standard NT450PX model features a proximity card reader, while the optional NT450HI model includes an alternative HID badge reader. Additionally, the NT450FP biometric option features an innovative Lumidigm’s fingerprint reader that will verify each employee in order to reduce time theft and ‘buddy’ punching. This device offers unparalleled performance through the use of the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm. The patented, high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor ensures reliability, precision, and excellent matching speed, while also being resistant to scratches, impact, vibration, and electrostatic shock.

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    Phone-In Solution

    The ideal workforce management solution for construction businesses, housekeeping services, home health care, and other mobile businesses:

    • Do you have employees who work among multiple locations?
    • Do you track job transfers as your employees work from one location to another?
    • Do you have a need for labor distribution or client billing for your mobile workforce?

    Give your employees the power of a full-featured time clock and self-service kiosk in the field and realize the following benefits:

    • Real-time data, no polling and/or data collection required
    • No waiting for hard copy paperwork to arrive
    • Decrease supervisor data entry time for field employees
    • Increase employee involvement in daily workflow processes (punching, schedules, etc.)
    • Scalable solution to meet the requirements of 5 or 5,000+ remote employees
    • Fully-integrated solution, no 3rd party and support headaches

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    GT400P Time Clock with Kiosk Capability

    The GT400P is a time clock with modern appeal. It serves as a fully functional time clock with Kiosk capability to increase convenience for your employees, an ideal standalone workforce management self-service solution.

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