Workforce Management

Bridge Today’s Workforce with Efficient Software

Plan, forecast, and schedule the easy way! Our workforce management system will allow you to optimize productivity by integrating scheduling with time and attendance. Scheduling is simplified because employers have the ability to create schedules manually or automatically, according to resource requirements. We will work with you to design a system that will meet your needs.



  • Based on location, tasks, certification, and other qualifications
  • List of available employees who are qualified to fill open positions
  • Schedule give-away, pick up, and swapping amongst employees
  • Notification services to employees by text message or phone call
  • Daily roster with scheduled positions and assigned employees
  • Scheduling by priority and preferences
  • Application of minimum and maximum hour limitations

Vacation Accruing and Requesting

  • Automated, based on company policies
  • Employee requesting through system
  • Manager approves or declines with automated notifications
  • Balances available to employee from any web (compatible) device

Expense Tracking

  • Attach electronic receipts
  • Map pay codes to payroll
  • Allow manager approval through system

Point System

  • Progressive performance tracking
  • Awards programs for perfect attendance


  • Advance Scheduling Management
    The Advanced Schedule manager (ASM) was developed after having worked very closely with many customers and listening to their challenges of real-time, efficient scheduling, and integrating this scheduling with time and attendance. It’s a powerful tool that supports dynamic and powerful workforce schedule management methods, ultimately increasing scheduling efficiency and productivity.

    ASM offers a variety of innovative add-on features that enhance and automate the scheduling capabilities of selectONtime. With ASM, employees can be manually or automatically scheduled according to resource requirements, which may be based on location, tasks, certifications, and other qualifications. Using ASM, employees can be manually or automatically removed from schedules and placed on leave. The system will then display a list of employees who are available and qualified to fill open positions. For each applicable employee, the system will include configurable contact details, various work hour summaries, and a history of accepted and declined work requests – all of which will aid the selection of employees who are offered to fill the open positions. In addition to schedule giveaway, schedule pickup, schedule swapping amongst employees, and open shift bidding, ASM can also identify and automatically contact employees who are qualified to fill open schedules by text message or phone call.

  • Vacation/Sick/Personal time Tracking and Requesting
    The Vacation/Sick/Personal Time Tracking is automated through selectONtime. We are able to set up the system based on our client’s policies. The system offers a detailed list of the accrual hours earned, used, and adjusted. Employees are able to log in using most web devices and check their balances. They are able to request time off through the system sending an automated request to their manager to be approved/declined. The system creates efficiencies and eliminates the possibility of lost requests, while offering a shared calendar to review.
  • Expense Tracking
    The selectONtime system’s Expense Module allows employees to attach electronic receipts to records in their expense sheet. This allows for a single point of entry and recording of expenses and it allows expense receipts to be retrieved anytime, anywhere.
  • Point System Module
    SelectONtime offers a way for our clients to automate point collection as a software-based, progressive performance tracking solution. Today’s labor market is extremely concerned about productivity and profitability. In this environment, regularly evaluating and improving employee performance and productivity has become a crucial business strategy. The traditional main vehicle for supporting this crucial strategy, the performance review, is difficult and time consuming. This Point System Module is a fully integrated performance tracking solution, using attendance information readily available in selectONtime. This module automates the tasks of tracking and measuring performance.