ROI Calculator

A 1% Inaccuracy Can Cost You Thousands

Even a 1% inaccuracy can cost you or your company thousands of dollars. SelectONtime’s ROI Calculator will provide insight as to the money your company can save by using our systems. Automating your payroll process will:

  • Save your company a significant amount of money by reducing errors and eliminating employee time theft
  • Save 70% to 80% of your supervisor’s and payroll personnel’s time
  • Generate reports to operate your company more efficiently
  • Mitigate the risk of employee related lawsuits and labor law audits

Sample ROIs

To view sample ROIs, click on an example below. To calculate ROI for your company, use the calculator below.
Registered Nurse in Milwaukee, WI
General Manufacturing in Milwaukee, WI
Home Healthcare Aid in Milwaukee, WI
Machine Operator in Milwaukee, WI

To calculate your ROI for ACA reporting, click here.