Training & Education

Focus on the Future

Employee training for your current team is important to the future of your organization. Employees appreciate being developed and talented employees want to continue to learn new skills. At BenHR we understand that you may not have the time or resources to provide training on your own so we provide outsourcing options. We are available to create and deliver customized training or you can chose to use our BenHR Company College.

Customized Training

Our HR experts can tailor training to your organization’s needs. We will listen to your goals and create a training program specifically for your employees. Our training can be delivered on-site or via webinar and can include a “train the trainer” session.

We can offer this training in several areas, including Human Resource Compliance, Leadership, Management and Safety.

BenHR Company College

With over 3,000 e-learning courses, BenHR Company College is an effective solution for those companies that want to deliver on-line business skills training to their employees. Courses include such topics as communications, problem solving, leadership development, safety, computer skills and business skills. BenHR Company College is easy to use for both the employees and the employer. Employers can assign specific courses to individuals or groups, can track employee history of completed courses and deliver printable certificates of completion. Employees receive self-paced instruction on a variety of valuable topics. Watch our video below for more information.