Connect Your Benefits to Simplify Your Life


Connect & SimplifyConnect & Simplify™ saves you administrative time, supports best in class vendor selection, and provides access to unlimited products and services with an ever present focus on controlling costs. Connect & Simplify™ is flexible; you choose the products and services you need – no package solutions. We become the single source for vendor performance and services and take on your burdensome back office administrative tasks, using our reliable experts and processes. If you are using a disconnected provider and vendor approach, you aren’t experiencing the advantage of our Connect & Simplify™ service.

The Benefits of Connect & Simplify™

  • Establish criteria for vendor selection
  • Monitor vendor performance and service
  • Integrates benefits programs
  • Provides a coordinated benefit communication approach to your employees
  • Coordinates participation and eligibility efforts across benefit programs
  • Allows you to focus on corporate growth by outsourcing back office administration
  • Simplifies your internal administration
  • Provides back office administration continuity and documentation
  • Identifies and coordinates compliance issues across benefit programs
  • Allows for efficient compilation of data – saving you time
  • Saves corporate and employee dollars
  • Support all facets of ACA compliance

We start the Connect & Simplify™ process by being your payroll provider.